Charismatic Regé-Jean Page


“I like putting myself to good use. I don’t like sitting around and waiting for people to appreciate the me-ness of me because I don’t think there’s any intrinsic value to that. But I think what you do can have value. I think whatever anyone does with themselves in the world can have value.”

“I don’t think it helps when folks say that they don’t see colour. It was very popular in LA for a while – ‘hey, we don’t see colour, my kids don’t see colour.’ Please do. Because if you don’t you don’t see me. And you don’t see how I walk through the world, or have any way of understanding any of the conversations that we’re having about colour, because to you it doesn’t exist.”

“Accents aren’t accents, they’re language. They’re full body languages. They’re points of view. I think you can reverse engineer someone’s entire politics, social economic status, history, geological, from how they speak, from how they express themselves. I think it’s all in there. It’s almost like a code. Because that’s the key to who you are: it’s how you express who you are. And how you express who you are is how you speak.”

Speaking of Zimbabwe, “It’s the most beautiful place in the world. Everyone says this about their own country, but it’s objectively beautiful. And because it was so young I think there’s a genuine generosity in people from Zimbabwe, which is slowly being chipped away at, as we hit our terrible teens and realise the world is a harsh, cold, difficult place that one must be strong enough to survive.”